Add and start using custom Import Profile


To add a custom Import Profile into RapidGenerator please follow the steps below:

·         Launch RapidGenerator:

o    From the main menu of RapidCatalog or RapidManual go to File > Import Data

o    ​​Alternatively, launch RapidGenerator (Start > All Programs > RapidAuthor > RapidGenerator)

·         Find Configurable RapidDataImportTool, select it and click Settings button

·         If you have received an XML file from an external source, please also follow  additional steps below:

o    Click Manage button;

o    Click Import button;

o    Browse for the XML file and click Open; and

o    Click OK.

·         Choose the new Import Profile from the Custom Profiles list and click OK

RapidDataImportTool will update Import Profile to match your data mapping settings.