All you need to know about upgrading to RapidAuthor 6.3 x64


Cortona3D RapidAuthor 6.3 has some dramatic changes compared to 6.0  only major ones pointed out:

  • 64–bit version with 64–bit XML Editor
  • publications are supported on all popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox
  • built–in Cortona2D Editor Pro
  • PMI Import
  • existing functionality improvements
  • multiple bug fixes

In three articles below you can make yourself familiar with all improvements in details:

RapidAuthor 6.1 Release Notes

RapidAuthor 6.2 Release Notes

RapidAuthor 6.3 Release Notes


Before you install RapidAuthor 6.3 x64 on your machine:

  • Uninstall RapidAuthor 6.0

After you have made sure all of the above is done:

  • Install RapidAuthor 6.3 x64
  • Your Cortona3D product licensing remains untouched and your upgraded version of RapidAuthor should work as it did before without any additional actions
  • If after installing RapidAuthor 6.3 x64 you don't see some of your projects, follow instructions here to easily restore them