Edit 2D CGM images in RapidAuthor


Should the user need to adjust the RapidAuthor’s automatically generated 2D image, then the build-in 2D Editor may be used.

Follow the steps below to launch 2D Editor from the RapidAuthor tool:

·         In the main menu go to 2D Image > Edit 2D Images;

·         Select the image you wish to edit; and

·         Click Edit.

Cortona 2D Editor Pro will launch.

Please refer to the video below to get a basic understanding of how to create hot-spotted callouts.


You will also find more valuable information on using Cortona2D Editor Pro in the documentation folder; please follow:

For 32-bit OS: C:\Program Files\ParallelGraphics\Documentation\Cortona2D Editor Pro\EN

For 64-bit OS: C:\Program Files (x86)\ParallelGraphics\Documentation\Cortona2D Editor Pro\EN