Floating license activation using activation key


1. Launch License Administrator (Server) on a server machine:
Start > All Programs > Cortona3D > License Administrator > License Administrator (Server).
If you don’t have the License Administrator – Server installed, please do it.
2. Request a license.
To request license, click the Request License button. In the Request License dialog box, specify:
  • Activation key;
  • Number of concurrent users allowed for the current server (Count). If this value for the current activation key is not known, select “All available”;
  • Port of the floating server. If, while requesting a floating license, you do not know what port to use, then these instructions will help you with that. Known issue: the port should NOT be 9000.
  • Customer name;
  • Organization.
If you have a proxy server on your network, click Proxy and configure proxy–server settings. Click OK. 
If the license is successfully received, the products status is changed to licensed. 
If you failed to get a license file, the license request is generated for receiving a license file over email. Please send this request to the address indicated in the license request.
See this article for instructions on adding a License Server to Server List on client computer.