Issues with navigation in Cortona3D viewers

In some cases the needed navigation module in Cortona is not activated. It happens on Windows 7, if the Protected Mode is enabled in Internet Explorer, if the user has not launched any local VRML scenes and goes straight to the web site. That’s something with the Internet Explorer security settings: when viewing a web site, the system does not allow Cortona to stores the navigation modules in the registry. Cortona 6 and Cortona 7 behave the same way regarding this issue. 
Issue can affect the following actions:
  • Scroll wheel doesn't zoom in/out
  • Rotate function does not rotate the object (left click and drag)
There are several ways to fix the problem: 
• Launch the standard VRML scene: 
%PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files\ParallelGraphics\Cortona\Help\rose.wrl 
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Common Files\ParallelGraphics\Cortona\Help\rose.wrl 
• Launch the web site, start 3D, in Cortona click the right mouse button, select Help > User’s Guide, select the chapter “Using Cortona3D Viewer in HTML Documents”, scroll to the bottom, select the link “See how it works”. 
• Reinstall Cortona; on the last page of the installer, make sure the “Show sample VRML scene” is selected. 
Any of these launches the standard VRML scene from the local disk, which allows Cortona to save the correct keys to the registry. After that, the navigation in the web site will work correctly because the registry keys are already there. 
In future, we recommend to always allow the installer to launch the sample VRML scene.