Making the "refresh" procedure quicker


Cortona3D RapidAuthor Documentation. RapidManual(RapidLearning).pdf, page 10
The "refresh" procedure can take much time. To facilitate authoring, two commands can be used: Refresh Subtask and Refresh Step, see Tools menu > Customize, Simulation category. These commands can be applied via shortcut keys.
  • SHIFT+F5 – refreshes current step (1st level)
  • CTRL+F5 – refreshes current substep (2nd level)
These commands should be used with care. If one of the substeps or steps following the one you modified and refreshed with these commands modifies the same properties of the same item, you need to do full refresh (F5) before publishing.
The safe rule is the following:
1. Use CTRL+F5 while you are editing actions inside one substep and use Shift+F5 when you move to another substep of the same step.
2. Use SHIFT+F5 while you are editing actions inside one step and use full refresh (F5) when you move to another step.
3. Always use full refresh (F5) before publishing or previewing.