Table of the Cortona 3D Teamcenter Integration upgrade

The table below represents the matrix of the Teamcentre and Cortona 3D connector upgrades. To upgrade your version follow the required steps concerning your existing version of the Teamcentre and Cortona 3D connector:

DateExist TC VersionC3D connector (Internal build number)C3D connector ( External build number)New  TC version New C3D connector ( External build number ) Requared step
21.03.2011TC Int 1.0TC 9.1C3D Int 1.3Migration package 
23.12.2011TC Int 1.1TC 9.1C3D Int 1.3Update
05.07.2012TC Int 1.2TC 9.1C3D Int 1.3Update
28.06.2012TC Int 1.2TC 9.1C3D Int 1.3.1Migration package 
28.06.2012TC Int 1.2TC 10.1C3D Int 1.3.1Migration package 
29.03.2013TC Int 1.3TC 10.1C3D Int 1.3.1Update