Two different versions of one tool on the same License Server


Applies to Floating license owners only.

There may be a situation, where end-user is not sure whether he wants to upgrade to the next version of the tool or not. For example, end-user is creating interactive content with RapidAuthor 9.0, which is licensed with one floating license. He may want to install the next version of the RapidAuthor 10.0 and this would require a new activation key. End-user may not be entirely sure whether he wants to upgrade to next version of the tool or not.

End-user can activate both floating licenses on one License Server. By doing so he is able to use each version of RapidAuthor independently only in case other machine is not running RapidAuthor. This means if someone is running RapidAuthor 9.0 on one machine, our end-user won't be able to launch his instance of RapidAuthor 10.0 (and vice versa).