Viewing Publications

This page describes the possible causes of the problems with viewing of RapidAuthor 9.0 publications and their solutions.

There are two types of publications – with and without the use of browser plugins (Cortona3D Viewer and Cortona2D Viewer).

Problems when viewing a publication using browser plugins.

1)    You are trying to view a publication in a browser that does not support plugins. Only Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox support plugins at the moment. If you are using Chrome or Edge browser you won't be able to see the publication. For more details please see this article.
2)    If you are using Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox browsers, but the content is not displayed, the required plugins may be not enabled in browser. Please see this article for help on how you can enable plugins.

Problems when viewing a publication NOT using browser plugins.

1)    You are trying to view a publication, located on a local disk. Publications of this type should be located on a HTTP server.
You can use Firefox which supports viewing of publications located on a local disk.
If you need to use a different browser, please upload your publication to a HTTP server.
2)    Connection issues.
Clear your browser’s cache. Check connection to you server.
3)    Memory issues.  
When opening a publication you may receive the following message:

This message means that there is not enough memory for 3D Viewer to load the publication.
The author needs to increase the amount of memory allocated for 3D viewer in the ‘3D Viewer Memory’ publishing option and re-publish the project.

4)    3D Viewer cannot be loaded.

a.    Check that URL specified in the publishing option ‘3D Viewer URL’ is correct and 3D Viewer files are located at that URL.
b.    The HTTP server containing 3D Viewer components and referenced in publishing option ‘3D Viewer URL’ should support CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) which should be properly configured by adding the correct  Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in HTTP response to the request of 3D Viewer files to allow access to them from all domains.

If these points have been checked and you still can’t see the published content please contact our support managers.